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Welcome to Inbar

Inbar was established to create opportunities for social integration and marriage for adults with disabilities. We sponsor social events, weekends and workshops where people can meet and acquire skills for developing and maintaining relationships. Inbar is a national organization, and our events take place around Israel. Our members are active on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Everybody deserves to live happily ever after. Able-bodied adults experience myriad opportunities to mingle, socialize and date, but those with disabilities do not have access to these same opportunities. Israel is a very family-oriented society. While society is increasingly welcoming to those with disabilities, the challenges of social inclusion they face grow exponentially as their healthy friends marry and settle into the routine of family life.

"Inbar" is Hebrew for amber. While amber looks and feels like a rock, it is actually fossilized tree resin, unique in nature. This illusion is a metaphor for the members of Inbar - their looks are often deceiving. While their disabilities are clearly visible, they all have healthy hearts searching for love.

Inbar charges minimal fees for participation in events. We are reliant on donations to run quality programs. Donations of any amount are helpful. Please join our list of supporters!

Inbar is looking for shadchanim. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us.

To schedule a meeting with a shadchan/it please contact us.